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Bookstore Programs

WVU Bookstore Programs

In coordination with participating Barnes & Noble bookstores on campus, WVU has created two ways to help students purchase textbooks faster—Registration Integration and offering financial aid as a payment option for textbook purchases.

Registration Integration

By utilizing Registration Integration, students can order and pay for their books and school supplies online during STAR Registration or anytime by visiting the bookstore web sites above. Once you have registered for classes using STAR Registration, you can automatically order your books by following these steps:

A shopping cart with your book order (based on your selected classes) will be created on the bookstore web site.You can change or cancel the order any time until your order is actually delivered.During the order process you can select your delivery options, such as hold for pick-up or home delivery.You can pay by Credit Card, Mountie Bounty, or you can pay using remaining financial aid after your tuition bill is paid.(FALL AND SPRING TERMS ONLY). When registering on the bookstore web site, be sure to use your PROPER STUDENT ID (9 digits beginning with 700, 701, or 800) and use the EXACT STUDENT NAME as it appears on STAR.

Bookstore Questions and Answers

Q: When can I begin reserving my books with financial aid?

A. Monday, November 14th, 2016

Q. What if the books for my classes haven’t been adopted and are not available?

A. When you order through Registration Integration, some books may not be available until the instructor adopts the book for your class and section. Book adoptions are updated daily. Contact your instructor to request that the book adoption be made and check your WVU Bookstore shopping cart for updates.

Q. What if I change my schedule and I need to change my book order?

A. You can change your book order at any time by:

Q. What happens to my Financial Aid if I make schedule or book order changes?

A. Changes to your order can be made up to December 19th, 2016 for the 2017 spring term. After that date:

Q. I need help with my order. Who can I contact?

A. Please contact Barnes and Noble via email at or for assistance.