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Please Make Payments to “WVU”
Office of Student Accounts
B-33 Stewart Hall
P.O. Box 6003
Morgantown, WV 26506
Phone: 304.293.4006
Fax: 304.293.7337
Hours: 8:15 a.m. – 4:45 p.m.

Mountie Bounty

Mountie Bounty is a debit plan that allows students to place funds on their Mountaineer Card for later use. Unlike the other payment options listed in this section, Mountie Bounty cannot be used to pay for student account charges.

The Mountie Bounty service offers security for the card-bearer and the ability to add funds to the card at any time at WVU or from home. There are no set-up fees and no minimum balances are required. When the card is swiped through a reader, like those used for credit cards, the account number on the card’s magnetic strip is read and the purchase amount is deducted from the balance in your prepaid account. This service allows you to use your funds only for the purposes you choose and the balances are carried forward each semester.

To add Mountie Bounty funds, you can pay in person, by phone, or mail your payment to any one of the cashier offices on campus below:

  • Office of Student Accounts, B-33 Stewart Hall
  • Student Affairs Accounts Receivable/Cashier’s Office, G-114 Bennett Tower
  • Charleston Division, Student Affairs office
  • Potomac State College campus, Administration Building, Room 107

There are also Add-Value machines at different locations on campus where funds can be added.

A minimum of $25.00 is required for deposit to your Mountie Bounty account.

Mountie Bounty cannot presently be added electronically through STAR, although that is something we are working on for the future.

NOTE: Refunds will only be made at the time of graduation, withdrawal from WVU, or termination of WVU employment. If there is a balance due on the student account, any refund will go to offset the balance due. There may be a processing fee on refunds issued.

For more information regarding Mountie Bounty, please visit Mountaineer Card Services.