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Please Make Payments to “WVU”
Office of Student Accounts
B-33 Stewart Hall
P.O. Box 6003
Morgantown, WV 26506
Phone: 304.293.4006
Fax: 304.293.7337
Hours: 8:15 a.m. – 4:45 p.m.

Late Fee Policy

In compliance with WVU Student Payment Policy, a non-refundable 1.5% late fee will be assessed on all outstanding balances greater than and including $200 on the second day of each month.

During Fall and Spring semesters, students are required to pay at least 60% of their total charges by the payment due date. Students that fail to meet this deadline will be removed from their courses, WITH NO GUARANTEE OF BEING RE-REGISTERED INTO THE SAME COURSES. The remaining balance on the account is due by no later than the end of the sixth week of the term.

During Summer semester, payment is due prior to the first day of the COURSE start date, unless a student has signed up for our monthly payment plan. Although the summer term is a full twelve weeks, there are several different start dates throughout the term, so please make sure you are aware of this when registering for courses.

WVU also assesses late fees on a monthly basis for accounts that still have unpaid balances. Late payment fees equal to 1.5% of the outstanding balance will be assessed each month before an account is turned over for collection, if applicable.

All payments being mailed must be received and posted by the Office of Student Accounts prior to each due date. Therefore, it is important to allow sufficient time for your payment to be received and posted by our office. Please allow 5-7 business days for all mailed payments to be received and posted.

Because of potential delays in U.S. mail, we encourage all students to pay electronically through STAR, where all payments are updated and reflected immediately.


Late payment fees will not be assessed only under the following conditions. The student:

  • Has signed up for our monthly payment plan and is budgeted correctly
  • Has memo’d (pending) or authorized financial aid (awaiting disbursement) that covers full or remaining balance
  • Has a pending third-party sponsor credit on their account (indicated as a memo) paying full or all of remaining balance
  • Has a pending outside scholarship or loan credit on their account (indicated as a memo) needing their signature that covers full or remaining balance
  • Is a DC Tuition Assistance recipient and has paid in-state difference

Late payment fees exceptions are also contingent upon each condition above being met before the payment deadline.

Scenarios When Students Will Receive Late Fees

The purpose of the scenarios listed below is to alert students of potential late fee pitfalls. Please note that these are not all of the scenarios that may result in a late fee being assessed, but are some of the most common examples. However, paying attention to MIX and reading the e-mail notifications sent by WVU can help students avoid most, if not all of these situations.

Not Making a Minimum Payment

  • Students that are preregistered for classes are required to pay at least 60% of their total charges prior to the payment due date. NOTE: Financial aid, third-party sponsorships, graduate waivers, or other credits do count towards a student’s required 60% payment. The sum of all payments on a student’s account must equal or exceed 60% of their total charges in order for late fees not to be assessed.

Picking Up Additional Courses

  • Students that are only registered for part-time hours will be responsible for checking STAR for their up-to-date account balance once they add additional courses. Even if students have paid 60% of their part-time hours, they will still be required to pay 60% of the additional courses added prior to the first day of the term. Accounts that do not meet these conditions will be assessed a late payment fee. NOTE: If your registration changes due to adding/dropping courses, it is your responsibility to check STAR for your updated balance and to make payment accordingly before all due dates if you wish to avoid late penalties and/or deletion of classes.

Graduate Students

  • Students that do not have their graduate tuition waiver processed timely will be required to pay at least 60% of their total account balance prior to the due date. Thus, students should check with their department far enough in advance each semester to ensure that their current term tuition waiver has been processed.

Incorrect TuitionPay Budget

  • Students signing up for the TuitionPay monthly payment plan are responsible for ensuring that they have budgeted correctly. Many times during the Summer, estimated amounts may be all that is available for the new year tuition and fee costs. Students should check their TuitionPay budget prior to the beginning of the Fall term to ensure their budget amount matches their account balance with WVU. For any accounts that are under budget, students will be responsible for either increasing their contract budget or paying the difference directly to WVU prior to the start of the term. Accounts that are not budgeted correctly will be assessed late payment fees, when applicable.

Applying Late for Financial Aid

  • Students that apply late for financial aid or have unmet financial aid requirements will be expected to pay 60% of their total balance prior to the first day of the term. Thus, payment cannot be deferred until financial aid has been awarded or processed. This includes students that are waiting for a financial aid appeal decision.

Turning Third-Party Billing Documentation in Late

  • Students with third-party sponsorships are required to turn in all documentation prior to the first day of the term. Without proper paperwork, WVU cannot set up a contract and invoice the third-party sponsor. Students that do not have all documentation turned in prior to the payment deadline will be required to pay 60% of their total balance.

Please contact our customer service line at (304) 293-4006 or e-mail us at if you have additional questions regarding late fees.