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Tuition Payment Plan

Sign Up for a Monthly Payment Plan

General Information

West Virginia University is pleased to offer a monthly payment plan administered by CASHNet. The plan allows you to break up your semester’s tuition and fees into smaller, more manageable installments, rather than paying in full all at once. Some of the advantages of the payment plan are:

MORE TIME TO PAY. The earlier you sign up, the more time you will have to pay and the smaller your monthly payments will be.

NO HIGH INTEREST RATES. Unlike traditional loans, the payment plan only charges a small fee at enrollment in addition to the first payment.

CONVENIENCE. Enroll, manage your account, and make payments online, 24 hours a day. You will also receive regular monthly statements via email.

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How Do I Sign Up?

Enrolling in the payment plan is fast and easy. The steps to enroll are:

  1. Visit the CASHNet payment portal.
  2. Choose the best plan for you.
  3. Enter your balance due for the semester - or the portion you would like to set up on a payment plan.
  4. Complete the application by filling in all necessary fields and paying your application fee. You must pay your first payment plus a $35 enrollment fee when you sign up.

Once enrollment is complete, CASHNet will update WVU of your contract and any payments you make.

Because fall bills are not available until July, we offer a Cost and Resource Planner to help estimate your bill. Using this planner, you can estimate institutional costs and input financial aid you may receive to determine your estimated out-of-pocket expenses for fall and/or spring. Then, you can adjust your plan if necessary when you receive your actual bill.

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Are There Deadlines to Sign Up?

The earlier you sign up, the more time you'll have to pay and the smaller your monthly payments will be.

Fall 2021

The deadlines for the 6-month, 5-month, 4-month, and 3-month options for Fall have passed on May 31, June 30, July 31, and August 31 respectively.

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Need to Know Information

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