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Summer 2024

For information for Summer 2024, see our Summer Billing Information and Summer FAQs webpages.

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Fall 2024 General Information

Fall charges are available on or around July 1 in WVU MyAccount (via the WVU Portal) for students who have registered for fall classes. Parents with Authorized User access to billing information can view charges via the WVU MyAccount Login website. More information and instructions on being granted Authorized User access are available on our Tutorials webpage.

Students who owe a balance will receive a billing notification on or around July 3 directing them to WVU MyAccount to view charges. Payment is due August 1, 2024.

Charges may change if students make adjustments to their course schedule, First Day Complete and student insurance status, housing, or dining plan. Students should monitor WVU MyAccount (via your WVU Portal) for their most up-to-date balance due.

Late Payments

Students who owe a balance after the August 1 deadline will be assessed a 2.85% late payment fee if they have not done one or more of the following to cover their full balance:

Please note that students who have financial aid reflecting as authorized aid in WVU MyAccount that is sufficient to cover their balance but has not arrived in their accounts by August 1, will not be charged a late payment fee.

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How Students Can Find Their Balance Due

Students can see their balance due in a few ways.

  • Log into the WVU Portal to see if they have a balance due.
  • View details on their charges and balance due through WVU MyAccount via the WVU Portal and clicking on the "PAY YOUR BILL HERE!" button, or for parents/guests with Authorized User access, through their WVU MyAccount Login website for Authorized Users. See our Tutorials webpage for instructions on navigating both systems.
  • If students owe a balance, they will receive a notification to their MIX email (via the WVU Portal) toward the beginning of each month.

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What Students Should Do Now

Pay Their Balance Due by the Payment Deadline

If students need more information on payment options, how to make online payments, or how parents and guests can make a payment on the student's behalf, please visit our Payments webpage and Tutorials webpage. For international payments, see our International Payments webpage for wire transfer options.

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Enroll in a Tuition Payment Plan

A tuition payment plan allows students to break up their balance due into smaller, more manageable payments rather than paying the total balance all at once. The first payment and $35 enrollment fee due at sign up followed by payments on the first of each month. Visit our Tuition Payment Plan webpage for the deadlines to sign up and more information about payment plans.

Please note that you must enroll in a payment plan before the payment due date listed on the billing notification sent via MIX to avoid late payment fees.

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GradGuard Tuition Insurance

We understand that the investment you and your family make in tuition and fees is significant which can create a financial hardship if you are unable to complete your classes and are not eligible for a full refund of tuition and fees. Tuition Refund Insurance, provided by GradGuard™, can help protect your investment by refunding your tuition, fees, housing, and food charges - up to the annual policy limits - if you are unable to complete the semester due to a covered medical reason. This insurance program complements and enhances WVU's refund policy.

For additional information, including coverage details and exclusions, please visit GradGuard or call GradGuard at 866-724-4384.

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