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Spring 2019 Billing Information

Payment for spring tuition and fees was due January 4. If you still owe a balance, you will receive a bill in your MIX email on January 5. You will not receive a bill if you have paid your fees, have established a payment plan that covers your balance, have a sponsor paying your fees or have enough aid to cover your charges.

Please pay your bill or enroll in a payment plan as soon as possible to avoid disruption to your classes. Students who owe $1,000 or more after 4:45 p.m. on February 4, 2019 will be removed from classes after close of business on February 4. Students who owe less than $1,000 but more than $200 will be assessed a late payment fee of 2.25% after close of business on February 4. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Pay

There are multiple ways to pay – checks, e-checks, credit cards, money orders, certified bank checks, wire transfers, 529 College Savings plans and third-party payments. The Mountaineer Hub can answer all your questions about these options.

For security reasons, we cannot accept credit card payments via phone for the Morgantown campus. 

Paying online is the fastest and easiest method. From STAR, which you can access through WVU Portal, find the Electronic Bill by Term, and click on the pay link at the top of the page or “PAY NOW” at the bottom of your bill. Watch step-by-step instructions.

Use the e-check option for fee-free online payment.

More Payment Options

Need a parent or third party to pay your bill?

You can grant them access through the Parent-Guest portal.

Can’t meet the deadline?

Set up a Tuition Payment Plan. The deadline to sign up for a spring semester payment plan has been extended to February 4 (before close of business at 4:45 p.m.).

For an enrollment fee of $35, the Tuition Payment Plan allows you to spread your tuition and fee payments out over a period of several months. Students enrolled in a payment plan that covers their balance will not be assessed a late fee.

Late fees (2.25%) will be assessed on January 5 for students who have balances greater than $200 or who do not have a Tuition Payment Plan in place that covers their balance. Students who have financial aid or other benefits (such as the GI Bill) – that have been finalized – and are sufficient to cover the balance when that aid or benefits arrive, will not be charged a late fee.

The earlier you sign up, the more time you have to pay your spring charges. 

Student Health Insurance

The  spring 2019 student health insurance waiver deadline is December 28. Eligible students without an approved waiver on file for the 2018-19 academic year will be automatically enrolled in the WVU Aetna student health insurance plan.

If you were recently admitted to WVU, complete the waiver by December 28 to opt out of the student health insurance.

For more information about the student health insurance requirement, contact the Student Insurance Office at or 304-293-6815.