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Financial Responsibilities

Billing and Payment Due Dates

WVU sends billing notifications to MIX accounts at the beginning of the month, with a due date of the first of the following month. If you do not pay your balance due or have a payment plan in place that covers your balance by the due date, you are considered past due.

You will not receive a billing notification if you have paid your fees, established a payment plan that covers your balance, have a sponsor paying your fees or have enough aid to cover your charges.

Ways to Pay

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Late Payment Fees

If you have a balance due of $200 or more on the due date of your billing notification - and are not enrolled in a payment plan that covers your balance - you will be assessed a 2.85% late fee that will be reflected on your account. A 2.85% late fee will be assessed every month thereafter until the billed amount is paid in full.

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Financial Holds

Students who do not meet payment deadlines will be subject to having their account placed on financial hold. These holds can only be released after the balance has been paid in full or a previous tuition payment plan has been brought up to date. A financial hold will prevent you from:

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Removal from Classes

Students with a balance of $1,000 or greater may also be removed from their classes (or $200 or greater for the summer semester). Students are sent multiple billing notifications and/or payment reminders with information on what they must do to remain in their classes for the semester - as well as deadlines they must meet.

If a student is removed from their classes, notification is sent to their MIX email (via their WVU Portal with instructions on how they can reestablish their schedule as well as applicable deadlines for reinstatement.

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Collection Policy

If a debt is outstanding, you can be placed in collections. We attempt to prevent this by contacting you by email, paper bills, and other various communications. If you have an outstanding debt, please contact us through the WVU Hub to discuss payment.

After we exhaust all internal efforts, we will issue a final letter to you with a deadline for payment. Failure to pay by the deadline will result in your account being referred to an outside agency for collection, which normally occurs near the end of the semester in which there is a delinquent balance. Collection placement will have a negative effect on your credit score. If you are in collections, you can contact the appropriate agency. See their websites below for contact information:

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