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Late Fees

In compliance with WVU Student Payment Policy, a non-refundable 1.5% late fee will be assessed on all outstanding balances greater than and including $200 on the second day of each month.   

Financial Holds

Students that do not meet payment deadlines timely will be subject to having their account placed on financial hold.These holds can only be released after the balance has been paid in full or a previous tuition pay contract has been brought up to date. Negative effects include inability to

Collection Policy

If a debt is outstanding in addition to holds and late fees a student can be placed in collections. WVU attempts to prevent this by contacting students by email, paper bills, and other various communications. Once all internal efforts have been exhausted, WVU will issue a final letter to the student with a deadline for payment. Failure to pay by the deadline will result in the student’s account being referred to an outside agency for collection, which normally occurs near the end of the semester in which there is a delinquent balance. In addition to holds, collection placement will have a negative effect on your credit score. If you are collections, you can contact the appropriate agency below.

TSI - 1-800-550-9619 - Website

Williams & Fudge - 1-800-849-9791 - Website

ConServe - 1-800-724-4439 - Website

Reliant- 1-866-738-3178 - Website

Key2 - 1-877-322-5392 - Website

ACT - 1-888-830-7770  - Website

Cedar Collection Agency - 1-800-980-3357 - Website