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Summer FAQs

Summer Frequently Asked Questions

When did students and parents begin receiving communications about summer payment?

WVU began communicating about summer 2019 billing timelines and payment options in mid-March to give students in the WVU System and their families time to plan and budget for summer semester payment of tuition and fees.

How can students enroll in CASHNet's Tuition Payment Plan and why is it important to sign up early? What are the enrollment deadlines?

Students on all three campuses can visit the CASHNET Payment Portal and select West Virginia University from the menu to enroll in a tuition payment plan.

Early enrollment is important because it gives students the flexibility to make smaller payments over a longer period of time:

When will students receive their summer semester bill?

Students who took advantage of the early priority registration were able to view their amount due in their WVU Portal on or around March 13.

Students who owe a balance will also receive their summer bill via their MIX email accounts in early April. The electronic bills will include a message clearly outlining payment options and resources.

Additionally, students who enroll for summer courses after the April eBill is generated will get an eBill around May 6 that will be due June 1.

When will summer semester financial aid disburse and be available via direct deposit?

Summer loans disburse once a student begins attendance in at least half-time enrollment. This is defined as 6 credits for undergraduates and 3 credits for graduates in the summer semester. For example, if an undergraduate student is registered for 6 credits during the summer semester, and 3 credits start May 15 and the other 3 credits start July 5, the loans will disburse on or after July 5.

Students receiving summer Federal Pell Grant would see the grant disburse at a pro-rated amount based on attended hours. If a student has 3 credits start on May 5, then a portion of the grant would disburse on May 5.

Students whose financial aid and payments are more than their summer institutional charges would have a refund processed after all payments are applied and all aid disburses.

When is summer semester payment due?

Students must enroll in a payment plan to cover their balance due, secure sufficient financial aid to cover their balance, or pay their balance in full by Wednesday, May 1.

Can students or parents pay their balance due by credit card over the phone?

It depends on the campus they attend. On the Morgantown campus, the Mountaineer Hub records all calls so credit card information cannot be given over the phone. Students must pay online through their WVU Portal, grant their parents proxy access to their account to pay via the WVU Parent and Guest Portal, or present themselves at the Mountaineer Hub at Evansdale Crossing to pay and/or make financial arrangements. Students on the Beckley and Keyser campuses may contact the appropriate office on their campus to pay over the phone.

If students want to pay in person or talk to someone about their options, where should they go?

On the Morgantown campus, students whould go to the Mountaineer Hub at Evansdale Crossing. On the Beckley campus, students should go to the One Stop Shop. On the Keyser campus, students should go to the Administration Building, Room 101.

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