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Summer FAQs

Summer 2023

When do students begin receiving communications about summer payment?

WVU usually begins communicating about summer billing timelines and payment options in April to give students and their families time to plan and budget for summer semester.

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How can students enroll in a tuition payment plan, and why is it important to sign up early? What are the deadlines?

Details can be found on our Tuition Payment Plan webpage. A $35 enrollment fee plus the first payment is due when you sign up.

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When do students receive their summer semester charges?

Students enrolled in summer courses can view their summer charges in their WVU Portal on or around March 31. Students who owe a balance will also receive a billing notification via MIX email on or around April 3 outlining charges due May 1. This notification will clearly outline payment options and resources.

Students who enroll in summer courses after the April billing notification is sent will receive a billing notification in early May outlining charges due June 1.

Please note that charges outlined on these billing notifications are subject to change if the student makes adjustments to things like their course schedule, dining plan, or housing arrangements. Students should be sure to monitor WVU MyAccount (via the WVU Portal) for the most up-to-date balance.

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When does summer semester financial aid disburse and become available via direct deposit?

Disbursement of financial aid will occur on the first day of your first course(s) for the summer. Initial disbursement will be based on your overall enrollment at the time of disbursement.

So, if you have the Federal Pell Grant and federal loans:

Be sure to monitor your summer schedule carefully. Adjustments to your schedule at any point during the summer can impact your aid eligibility, which could result in the removal of financial aid – such as the Federal Pell Grant or loans – even if it’s already been disbursed to you. This may require you to pay for courses out of pocket or return money you received as a refund. Summer Pell Grant recipients should also review the information on disbursement and summer enrollment changes on our Summer Federal Pell Grant webpage.

Students whose financial aid and payments are more than their institutional charges will have a refund processed after all payments are applied and all aid disburses to generate the refund. For more information on refunds, please visit our Refunds webpage.

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When is summer semester payment due?

Students who receive an April billing notification must ensure their balance is covered by May 1.

By this date, they must:

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