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Info for Faculty and Staff: Spring Billing

Spring 2021

When did students begin receiving communications about spring payment?

WVU began communicating about spring 2021 billing timelines and options for payment in October to give students in the WVU System and their families plenty of time to plan and budget for spring semester payment of tuition and fees.

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What information was included in these early communications?

These communications outlined timelines and payment options, including the benefits of enrolling in CASHNet’s Tuition Payment Plan to assist with budgeting.

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When did students receive their spring semester bill?

Students who took advantage of priority registration were able to view their amount due for spring in STAR via their Portal on or about November 21.

Students who owed a balance received an eBill outlining the charges via their MIX email in early December. The electronic bills included a message outlining payment options and resources and that a 2.25% late fee would be assessed if payment arrangements were not made by January 4.

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When did spring semester financial aid disburse and become available via direct deposit?

Financial aid disburses as payment toward the spring balance due on January 9 unless there are unsatisfied tasks for the aid. For students who were signed up for direct deposit by January 8, financial aid refunds start to become available via direct deposit on January 19. The exact date varies depending on a student’s bank.

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When was spring semester payment due?

Students who received December eBills were encouraged to enroll in a payment plan to cover their balance by December 31, pay their balance due by January 4, or secure financial aid to cover their balance by January 4.

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Can students or their families pay their balance owed by credit card over the phone?

The Mountaineer Hub on the Morgantown campus records all phone calls, so for security reasons, students may not pay over the phone via the Hub. All students may call Keyser or Beckley campuses to pay over the phone. Students may also pay online through their WVU Portal or grant their parents/families proxy access to their account to pay via the WVU Parent and Guest Portal.

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What happens next for students who do not have their balance due covered by February 1?

Students have until January 31 to enroll in a payment plan to meet the February 1 payment deadline. Students who still owe a balance of $200 or more after February 1 will be assessed a 2.25% late payment fee. Students who still owe a balance of $1,000 or more after February 1 also will have their eCampus access revoked on February 2 after 4:45 p.m. ET.

Students whose eCampus access is revoked on February 2 will have until February 5 at noon to pay their bill along with a $250 reinstatement fee and be reinstated.

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How is WVU ensuring students are aware of the February 1 payment deadline & the repercussions of late payment?

A series of emails and text messages are sent throughout January to students who owe a balance to help ensure they are aware of the February 1 due date, as well as their payment options, and encouraging them to reach out to the University if they need assistance.

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Can students pay their bill and regain access to eCampus if they are dropped for non-payment on February 2?

Yes. Students who have their eCampus access revoked due to non-payment can be reinstated by paying their balance down to $999 or less and paying a $250 reinstatement fee. The deadline for reinstatement is February 5 at noon.

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Should advisers and instructors tell students who have been removed from classes to attend classes anyway?

Students who are removed from classes on February 2 should continue to attend class only if they are planning to meet the payment requirements for reinstatement by the February 5 deadline. Please note that they will not have eCampus access until they are reinstated, and it may take up to one business day after payment for them to regain access.

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How will this affect a student’s University housing and dining plan status?

When students’ eCampus access is revoked for non-payment, those with meal plans will still be able to eat in dining halls through the reinstatement period. University Housing will work closely with affected students in residence halls on next steps. (This typically applies to a very small number of students.)

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